Vivian Maier


Chicago, IL 1969 By Vivian Maier

An exhibition of a collection of works by photographer Vivian Maier continues at Nashville’s Sherrick and Paul Gallery through August 15th. This is a must-be-seen exhibition of 32 black and white images, a mix of street photography and self portraits taken between 1950 and 1971, including several newly released prints being shown for the first time.

Maier was entirely unpublished and unknown as an artist during her lifetime, and an enigmatic figure even to those who knew her. She has been posthumously compared to mid 20th century masters including Walker Evans, Diane Arbus, and Lee Friedlander. The images Maier captured on film during her decades in New York and Chicago while working as a nanny are a compelling glimpse into a definitive period of American culture; yet, like her celebrated contemporaries, her arresting visual aesthetic is a culture all its own and sets her outside the bounds of straightforward photojournalism or historical documentation. For more information, visit