Nothing Shall Be Impossible

A photo by Jeremy Cowart from the "Nothing Shall Be Impossible" series for St. Thomas Health.

A photo by Jeremy Cowart from the “Nothing Shall Be Impossible” series for St. Thomas Health.

St. Thomas Health is a Nashville hospital system founded 116 years ago by the Daughters of Charity. It recently launched a new marketing/branding blitz with the tagline “Nothing Shall Be Impossible,” and the still photography for the campaign, by Nashville photography Jeremy Cowart, is wonderful. “Every once in a while, a gig comes along that qualifies as ‘the job of a lifetime’,” Cowart writes in his blog post about the Nothing Shall Be Impossible photos.

The videoography is top-notch, and Cowart’s still images are emotionally moving. The branding campaign’s message is wonderfully up-front with the faith-based calling that’s at the heart of St. Thomas’s mission. You can learn more about the campaign here and in this story from a recent edition of the Nashville Business Journal: Why Saint Thomas Health’s new ad blitz puts religion front and center.