A Happy Accident


Jeremy Cowart. Photo by Jeremy Cowart.

I’ve blogged about Nashville photographer Jeremy Cowart before – specifically, about his work on marketing campaign for Saint Thomas Hospital. Now, Mashable.com has a broaderĀ profile of Cowart and his work.

From Mashable:

He says what’s more important than taking a good picture is finding one’s vision and figuring out what it is you have to say to the world. “It’s taking what you know and what you’ve learned technically and combining that with what you know and expressing it with your eyes,” says Cowart, whose videos will help amateurs learn the technical rules of photography and will hopefully help people discover their own personal style. While his techniques evolve, the goal of his photography hasn’t.

“Every photo should be a sentence. It should say something or make you stop and ask a question,” he says. “So many photos are just documenting something random without much thought put into it. I try to make people stop and wonder when they look at my work.”