In early March 2016 I was diagnosed with cancer, and very quickly scheduled for surgery to remove the tumor. Once I recover from the surgery I’ll begin chemo and radiation. I’m not looking forward to it, but it beats the alternative.

I took this shot, of the IV machine beside my hospital bed with my iPhone the night after my surgery. Or maybe the second night. I’m not really sure. I was on a lot of painkillers. I like the abstract beauty of it. That’s me – looking for beauty even surrounded by the reality of cancer and surgery and a hospital room.

Cancer doesn’t just do damage to your body. It can do do severe damage to your finances. I’m already more than a grand in the hole (after insurance) and already having to make choices based on money (no home health nurses for me during surgery recovery – the copay is too steep) and it’s going to get worse as I go through chemo/radiation, no doubt.

I wonder if I could find 25-30 real-life and social-media friends who would each buy a photographic print of mine for $100. Images would be printed roughly 12×8 on archival paper, signed, matted and mailed to you. Prints are available of almost any black & white image at this website or any of the more recent black & white images on my Flickr page, which is If you would like a print of a color image, please inquire – I probably won’t say no, although my artistic heart is in the black & white images.

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