Removing the Crane

My book of art photography showing the making of Nashville’s tallest residential skyscraper, 505, is being printed this week. Residents of the new building will all receive a copy of the completed book.

Many of the photos in the book show the building in all its unfinished glory, but much of the focus of the project, pardon the pun, was on the construction workers who brought to life the vision of the developer and the architects. Working always in color, but occasionally choosing to process an image into black & white, I wanted to highlight the artisans who worked the iron, poured the concrete, installed the pipes and the electrical and the windows, and did all of the other things that turn a developer’s vision and an architect’s drawings into a permanent sculpture on a city skyline.  For more than two years I had the honor of photographing them as they worked to create the glittering new skyscraper.

Here is a small selection of photos of those workers…

12th Floor

Night Pour, 3rd Floor

Setting the Table, 45th Floor

Removing the Crane

Flying Tables

Iron Worker, 41st Floor

Riding the Hoist

Pouring the 45th Floor

Installing Column Form, 44th Floor

Window Work