Ghost Town

Ghost Town
Cuervo, New Mexico

Archival dye print



Tree branch shadows fall across a broken window on an abandoned house in the ghost town of Cuervo, along Interstate 40. I took this photo in 2011 during the hour or so I spent in Cuervo en route home to Nashville after three weeks out west, doing photography in New Mexico and Colorado. It is my favorite image from the entire trip – and my visit to Cuervo was unplanned. I just noticed it as I passed by it on the highway, and crossed over to the westbound lanes at one of those places where you’re not supposed to do a u-turn, and came back.

Abandoned homes like this are like stories that will never be fully told. One day, people lived there. The next day, they didn’t, leaving stuff behind while taking the memories and the history with them. A picture is worth a thousand words, but behind this picture are tens of thousands of words that we’ll never get to read.

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