Batman Blue

Batman in Blue

The Nashville skyline’s iconic “Batman Building,” also known as the AT&T Tower,┬árises above the Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge in downtown Nashville. Fine-art photograph offered in signed, limited-edition prints.

This image is available in limited editions. A maximum of 10 prints will be sold in each of the following available sizes:

  • 12×8 inches (actually, 11.5×7.5) matted in a 16×12 mat, signed, for $100.
  • 15×10 inches, un-matted, signed, $100
  • 18×12 inches, unmatted, signed, $150
  • 24×16 inches, un-matted, signed, $300
  • 36×24 inches, un-matted, signed, $350
  • 42×28 inches, un-matted, signed, $399. (One already sold.)

All prints are on the finest quality archival art photography printing paper.

By the way, while I haven’t mentioned it in awhile I continue to sell prints of my art photography to raise the funds to pay for the parts of my cancer treatment that aren’t covered by my health insurance, and related expenses. You may select images from my website or my Flickr account. Pricing is the same as above for prints up to 18×12 and $50 cheaper on the larger sizes, except for this image of the “Batman building” of course, and there is no limited-edition exclusivity for the other images.

Use this website’s contact page to contact me to arrange purchase and payment.

UPDATE: This image has been accepted into the 2016 annual exhibition of works by members of SNAP: The Society of Nashville Artistic Photographers. The exhibition takes place in June at the Gordon Jewish Community Center.